Friday, 1 January 2016

A Voyage of Discovery

It's not everyday that feels like a new day because sometimes revisiting the past can take me forward...kind of like , ' back to the future ' . In this way I can appreciate what I saw before and use the knowledge to develop my photographic style . Some of the first pictures that I ever made , the images that seem to speak to me with the most understanding today are in a style that persists many decades later . Of course we all recognize our own images but taking the time to review what has been done before will definitely help me recognize that style whenever I look through the viewfinder. So if you are a collector of photographic images don't keep them in a box somewhere instead take them out and look at them from time to time and you may start to recognize a style that is unique to you .

I'm always drawn to the lines in the landscape , something about the abstract nature of a landscape yet there is still a suggestion of the literal landscape . This is a style that I have developed over time ,  a style that I recognize as being unique because I have looked back to the future .