Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Looking and Seeing

Quite often I leave home without my camera , it could be a trip to the store or maybe to walk the dog and this has never bothered me . I'm not obsessed with shooting everything that I see because I like to take the time to be aware of surroundings . I mean that looking at the world thru the viewfinder becomes self limiting and narrows my vision , like tunnel vision . So I spend more time looking at what catches my eye and more time thinking about why it does that . In other words i'm still composing these pictures in my minds eye and as long as I continue to see images that are eye catching the world is in balance .
It was the background that caught my eye in this picture , reflections off a building and the interesting pattern that I saw . Urban landscapes lend themselves to some wonderful juxtapositions with the natural world , it's probably endless .
Another pattern was created by this fountain spray into a lily pond . Easy to miss if I was intent on looking at the world thru my viewfinder . I practice looking and seeing photographically all the time so when I do have a camera with me there is no doubt about what I want to shoot . Sometimes I just get lucky .