Friday, 30 November 2012

Less is More

So you're probably wondering how this expression applies to photography , what does it mean . It's always a good practice to walk around your subject if possible . Changing angle of view or perspective will present alternatives to choose from in the editing process . Of course it is best to have an idea to begin with rather than realize your vision through the viewfinder but moving around the subject helps to develop an idea . When the first impression is too much detail , working the subject will usually help to create a more distinct picture . Quite often the scene can be reduced to  a few lines or shapes or color and the image becomes stronger . This sequence of pictures will help to explain this idea .

When I saw this landscape I knew there was a picture here , I just had to find it . I was drawn to the powerful triangular design created by the mud slide and the strong horizontal line  of the rock face .

Changing the orientation of the camera seemed to weaken the overall design but there was something that kept me interested .

Then I saw a small plant growing that I knew could add foreground interest to the picture .

Getting closer to the small plant made it larger in the foreground and gave the image a base to sit on.Finally I had my picture but I knew that I could make the image more dramatic in post process . So this was the final result .


Friday, 23 November 2012

The Language of Light

Although the ancient Greeks did not know that light could be captured and stored in a box they did understand something about the nature of light . There was a great deal of thought put into understanding the physical properties and I suppose that much consideration was given to the ephemeral qualities as well . I want to focus on the language of light . All that is required , like any language is to follow the cadence and the rhythm . This will not give you a literal translation but it will open the mind and allow for interpretation , an excursion through the landscape . When I start to think and visualize in this way it doesn't matter where I am because the language is familiar and the subject becomes the light .

 I'm not referring to the qualities of source or direction or colour although these do have an influence on the interpretation . I suppose pattern is appropriate because  that is what cadence and rhythm means to me and ultimately becomes an integral part of the message .

See the light and open a door to another way to interpret the world as we walk through this life .